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Special thanks for

This web is an incredible knowledge resource about one of Transmission System application..Not only people can gain their knowledge freely but they are also can sharing thier ideas and comments..This bring toward an excellent learning process....Infinite thanks to ALLAH the Almighty god and praise upon him for giving us an effort to accomplish this web as plan on time..we also would like to dedicate our thanks to Pn Siti Zura, our Transmission System lecturerfor her guidance base on root of this web..Both Mr. Tulin and Mr.Tiruk for sharing their ideas to perform this sort kind of web..Ms Norean (Din Koyan girlfriend) for his great revission book HTML Worlwide.Mr Del,Mr Zairi and Mr Din for their indirectly support as our housemate..All our classmate (3ddp-11-)(utmkl2005) for thier feedback and also sharing some information with us..We could not have built this web without the specificatons and detail information from all above mentioned person...



Group members: IC No: Matrix Card No:




Mohd Fahmi Bin Mohammad 850206035577 AD030634
Afiq Akram Bin Alias Asgar


 `Ammar Faiz Bin Ja'afar 840602145373 AD020001


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